Yoga poses that boost happiness

Yoga is more about putting on some swanky leggings and doing some exercise. Yoga is about becoming at one with your spiritual side as well as releasing various energies to help improve your flexibility, immune system, and fitness. Plus, another great bonus is the effect of the exercise on people’s moods. Amazingly, certain yoga poses can even boost happiness. Here are some of the best.

Cat and cow pose

Starting on all fours, take a breath in while gently looking up towards the ceiling and arching your back before breathing out to look down to the floor and rounding your back. Doesn’t that feel great? This pose not only helps to alleviate any tension in your back, but it can also help to boost your mood. The cat and cow pose both help to relax your mind which will, in turn, calm your central nervous system. Both of these will help to leave you feeling happy for the day ahead.

Yoga poses that boost happiness


This pose involves balancing on one leg while pulling your other back up behind your head. Then, with your free arm, stretch out forwards to fully open up your chest. This will feel incredible for any tightness in your hips. Plus, the dancer pose has many happiness benefits. The pose opens up your heart meaning there is space for all the positivity to flow into your blood. To top it off, the elegance of the pose can leave many feeling on cloud nine.

Crow pose

This pose is a little more advanced as it involves balancing all your weight on your hands while you tuck your knees into the back of your upper arms. Although it may take more time to master, the crow pose will leave you oozing with happiness. How? The concentration, strength, and controlled breathing that go into becoming the crow master focuses your mind. As you are concentrating on the pose so much, all the other negative thoughts will leave your head. Now, you are free to enjoy the day.


This pose is as simple as it sounds; you get into the pose by holding your weight on your head and forearms. This pose will have more affect than improving your balance and increasing core strength. Getting into a headstand means the blood will flow all the way to the top of your body. In turn, this will help spread the positive energy throughout your body and set you up for the day ahead.

Wheel pose

To get into the wheel pose, you will need to start by laying on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Next, place your hands palm down on the floor above your shoulders, with your fingers pointing back towards your body. Then it’s time to push up with your arms and legs, and push your stomach up towards the ceiling, arching your back. This pose will do wonders for any tension in your back, hips, or chest, as well as increasing your strength. As well as the physical benefits, backbend poses release a tone of endorphins. These chemicals will leave you feeling happy for many hours after you have performed the pose.

Yoga poses that boost happiness

Warrior II

Start with your feet widely spread apart. With your front-most foot pointing straight forward, and the back foot at 90 degrees. Then look in the direction your front foot is pointing, let your knee bend so it is over your foot, with your arms out straight, parallel to your legs. Once you are in the pose, you should begin to feel all the happiness-boosting effects yoga can offer. This pose helps remind us of how powerful we really are. After all, you are posing as a warrior, why shouldn’t you feel like one on the inside?
There are so many benefits of yoga, with certain emotional boosts being just one of the many. With so many variations, there is plenty to keep you busy as you go about increasing your happiness with these many poses.

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