Times Royal Family members were caught off-guard in moments they regretted

[post_page_title]A royal introduction[/post_page_title]
Kate and William have grown to become one of the most loved couples in the Royal Family, but it turns out that their meeting was anything less than smooth. That’s right; Kate remembers the moment that she made a royal mess up when she first met her husband. The pair both went to the same university. However, William didn’t join the class until a little later after everyone else.

A royal introduction

Although William had a tough time remembering their first encounter, Kate apparently remembers it clearly. The Duchess confesses that she curtsied at William before he spilled a drink all over himself and she ran away embarrassed. Thankfully, the couple soon put it behind them and have been dating since 2003. Now, as well as preparing to become the next leaders of the nation, they are also two of the world’s favorite members of the Royal Family.

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