Times Royal Family members were caught off-guard in moments they regretted

[post_page_title]The wrong outfits[/post_page_title]
Heading on royal tours of the world is something that comes with part of being a member of the family. However, it looks as though not every move is the right one – especially when it comes to choosing the right outfits for dinner. Kate and William were visiting the Solomon Islands as part of their tour of Asia back in 2012. It looked as though the couple had gone all out to make an effort for their time with the nation, and dressed in traditional clothing.

The wrong outfits

At least, that’s what they thought. It turned out the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were actually wearing clothes from the Cook Islands instead. Apparently, officials noticed the gifted clothes weren’t the same as everyone else’s but were assured they were the right garments. Sadly, the couple later learned they were wearing the wrong outfits after all. Thankfully, no one was offended.

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