Times Royal Family members were caught off-guard in moments they regretted

[post_page_title]Flying high[/post_page_title]
Being a Royal means there is a long list of rules to follow when it comes to getting a wardrobe in order. Not wearing bright nail polish, always making sure to wear tights, and avoiding wedge shoes at all cost are just some of the many rules that royal women have to follow, but it looks as though Kate forgot one very important one: don’t impersonate Marilyn Monroe. The Duchess’ dress sense has seen many clothing lines sell out over the years.

Flying high

However, it looks as though people might think twice before buying some of her dresses – especially after the many wardrobe oops moments Kate has endured over the years. It appears the wind isn’t her friend as Kate’s dresses seem to have a mind of their own when she’s out and about. Thankfully, it looks like Kate has since changed up her wardrobe to avoid any more embarrassments.

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