Actors who quit big roles for ridiculous reasons

Jean-Claude Van Damme disappeared from The Predator and missed a huge opportunity. The reason is so ridiculous, it’s actually kind of sad. Winona Ryder, meanwhile, decided to quit The Godfather, while Will Smith turned down Tarantino’s Django Unchained, These are just some stars who were supposed to play iconic roles but eventually didn’t. See the full list – and the ridiculous reasons.
[post_page_title]Mark Wahlberg thought that not having a lisp was a deal-breaker[/post_page_title]
Super dark psychological thriller Donnie Darko may not have been a commercial success when it was released, but critics loved and and it eventually became a cult favorite. Today, it’s hard to imagine anyone except a 19-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal in the starring role of the brooding, angsty Donnie, but originally the character may have had a Boston flavor.

Mark Wahlberg thought that not having a lisp was a deal-breaker

That’s right, Mark Wahlberg was very interested in playing the part, but for some unfathomable reason insisted on doing it with a lisp. Director Richard Kelly rightfully thought that was a dumb idea, and Wahlberg bowed out. Oh, what might have been…

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