Allison Stokke was an online sensation, but it turned her life upside down

Just another athlete

Pole vaulting was brought into the limelight by none other than Allison Stokke, who set the bar pretty high (excuse the pun) when her sporting talents were catapulted into the media stratosphere after a certain photo. The sportswoman and viral sensation was thrust into the world of criticism, media, paparazzi, and scrutiny from a young age; but there is more to the photo than meets the eye.
Before she became a celebrity in her own right, Allison Stokke has battled through some of the toughest times of her life. It also seems that her very viral picture also had some bad effects on her life and her career, and now she’s speaking out. So how did it all go down?
[post_page_title]Just another athlete[/post_page_title]
There are thousands of track and field athletes around the world, and in 2007, Allison Stokke was just another number to add to that list.
Just another athlete

The American high school senior worked part-time as a model and had already made a name for herself in the world of pole vaulting, and had broken numerous records. However, her life changed forever when her photograph was taken during a competition. This photo soon took over the internet and Allison had become a viral sensation overnight. She had been noticed.

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