Allison Stokke was an online sensation, but it turned her life upside down

[post_page_title]Women pole vaulters[/post_page_title]
It’s no secret that Allison Stokke’s viral sensation brought female pole vaulting to the forefront of our attention. Before that, only dedicated pole vaulting fans could name the world-record holder or the top pole vaulters of the day.

Women pole vaulters

Since Stokke’s photograph, more and more female vaulters have been brought to light. In 2016, “The Hottest Women Pole Vaulters of the 2016 Rio Olympics” list was formed and included names such as Eliza McCartney and Sandi Morris. From the outset, this list seems no different to the websites and blogs associated with Stokke – but this list is a little different…

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