Celebrities who can afford luxury mansions but live in modest houses instead

[post_page_title]Warren Buffett[/post_page_title]
Warren Buffett is also an incredibly wealthy man, being worth an estimated 85 billion dollars. However, he maintains a very humble spirit. He bought his home in 1958 for a meager $38,000 and has never wanted to move out or sell up. In today’s terms it would be worth around $250,000, which is still a teeny tiny portion of what he could afford.

Warren Buffett

He is one of the world’s wealthiest people, he even says he can buy anything he wants, but he knows it won’t make him any happier. He prefers good memories to riches. He’s donated billions of dollars to charity and is part of the ‘Giving Pledge,’ where he chooses to give away half his wealth for worthy causes.

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