Emma Kenney's journey from aspiring child actress to grownup star

Emma Kenney’s journey from aspiring child actress to grownup star

Starring in Showtime’s Shameless was undoubtedly Emma Kenny’s much-deserved big break. She worked incredibly hard to get her role in the series, and often speaks of how many sacrifices her family has been forced to make for the show. This talented girl has transformed into a young woman right before our eyes, but what has that journey been like for her?
[post_page_title]From child actress to nationwide fame[/post_page_title]
Emma Kenney was just a regular girl from New York. She loved animals and dreamed of being a professional skier, and opening an animal shelter. Her parents discovered her natural acting ability, and eventually, the whole world came to see it.
From child actress to nationwide fame

After starring in a multitude of productions, Emma has become somewhat of a household name, and the world has been there to see her grow into the talented young woman she is today.

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