The moving journey of Jacqueline Adan – and how it all started at Disneyland

This young woman has spent the majority of her life feeling the effects of being overweight, but one mortifying moment would change that forever. She embarked on a mission to lose weight and change her appearance, and she has documented the whole thing on social media. However, her transformation hasn’t been easy, and there are still people out to shame her.
[post_page_title]An incredible transformation[/post_page_title]
As you scroll through your Instagram feed, there’s a high chance that you will stumble across someone who is utilizing the social media platform to document their weight loss. That’s exactly what Jacqueline Adan is doing.

After one magical day turned into something much more sinister, she decided to do something about her weight. She embarked on a mission to lose 300 pounds, and she decided to showcase her progress on Instagram. Since then, her followers have been able to watch her transformation, but not everyone has had nice words to say about her.

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