Ouch that’s got to hurt: the freakiest injuries in sports history

Injuries happen in sports. It’s normal. When athletes give their all on the court, field or ice, something can happen. Especially in contact sports such as football, hockey or rugby. Some get right back up and fight and play through the pain, others are sidelined for a period of time. In the worst situations such accidents have ended athletes’ careers, some of them way too early, leaving many to wonder what they could have accomplished.

As the years go on, we’re starting to pay more attention to the types of injuries and what kind of damage they can do in the long run. We’re not talking about Tommy John’s surgery, but more along the lines of head injuries and concussions.
But this list isn’t about those injuries, the serious kind that have us nervous and praying for the players. This list is about the weird, freak accidents that happen in sports. Some of them happened on the field, like Ken Sanders breaking his nose, or Alex Stepney dislocating his jaw (just wait until you find out how). Others happened while in the locker room, like Chris Hanson’s foot accident or Ken Griffey Jr.’s unfortunate cup story. The even weirder ones happen far, far way from the sports venue, just ask Carlos Boozer and Glenallen Hill.
Thankfully, most of these guys were forgiven for their accidents, as stupid as the incidents were. Over the years, many of then have grown to laugh about what happened and make fun of themselves for what they did/what happened to them. One thing is for sure, most of these made us laugh, some made us cringe (some of these images are not for the faint of heart), and some just made us say, c’mon man.
So here they are, the oddest injuries in the sports world:
[post_page_title]When Kendry Morales celebrated too hard[/post_page_title]
As is tradition, when a baseball player hits a walk off home run, the rest of the team waits for him at home plate to celebrate the victory. In this case, Kendry Morales was so excited about his grand slam against Seattle, that when he jumped up ready to celebrate in the middle of a ring of teammates, he landed awkwardly, slipped on home plate itself and landed on his ankle. He broke his ankle while celebrating.
kendry morales

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