Where Paris Hilton is today and why we don't hear about her anymore

Where Paris Hilton is today and why we don’t hear about her anymore

Have you been wondering what Paris Hilton is up to lately? The girl who once had fame in her pocket is no longer dominating the front pages of magazines like she used to. Escaping Paris’ name seemed to be near impossible a decade ago, but that’s all changed over the last few years. What exactly did she do to make herself disappear from the spotlight, especially when she was at the height of her success? From the looks of it, this fade into obscurity was a long time in the making.
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While Paris Hilton was a name you couldn’t escape in the 2000s, she’s been pretty much absent from the spotlight in the past few years. Many people are wondering what Paris is up to nowadays, since we haven’t been hearing about her every move in the media.
Where is Paris Hilton?

Back in the day, you couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing her face, and she was featured so heavily in the tabloids that the Guinness World Records named her the Most Overrated Celebrity back in 2007. Now, it seems that her life has turned around quite a bit. Paris Hilton isn’t the same ‘it’ girl she used to be. So what happened?

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