People who got caught twisting the truth on the internet

[post_page_title]Advanced life forms[/post_page_title]
On the internet, everyone is trying to prove that they are the best couple in the world. They post pictures of their Valentine’s Day presents with captions such as “the boy done good” and “flowers from bae,” and they make it their mission to make their friends and followers as jealous as possible.

Advanced life forms

While we have come to live with these often cringeworthy statuses and posts, there are some that just don’t add up. Like this one, for example. Couples often take adorable photos of their S/O sleeping, but this couple took it to the next level. Either they just confirmed that bed bugs are becoming advanced life forms who are able to use camera phones, or they are just straight up lying. Although we’d love to believe bed bugs are planning world domination right now, we just don’t think it’s true.

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