People who got caught twisting the truth on the internet

[post_page_title]Totally awesome, thumbs up[/post_page_title]
As you scroll through social media, you probably make your way past countless selfies. That’s just the way we roll nowadays. This woman was obviously feeling herself when she posted this fire selfie, but it’s safe to say that her caption didn’t quite add up.

Totally awesome, thumbs up

While we don’t have a deep insight into her life, we know for a fact that women do not wake up with perfect hair and full faces of makeup. If you do, we’d love for you to teach us your secrets. Because of this, the selfie was a little unbelievable, and Dan El Superbeasto wasn’t having any of it. He turned his sarcasm-ometer up to the highest level and decided to tell her just how awesome it was that she was still able to put makeup on while in bed. A true talent.

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