The strangest photos ever taken on the subway

Although most of us wish that we could simply stay in our houses and avoid adult life forever, that unfortunately isn’t possible. We have to go out into the real world, we have to go to work, and we have to take some form of transportation to get there. The subway is perhaps one of the most popular forms of public transportation, as you can simply hop on and off as you please, without worrying too much about where you are.
Of course, the subway isn’t the most glamorous way to turn up to work or a family event, but it certainly does the trick. Because you do share these carriages with so many other people, you’re bound to come across people who are a little quirky. They may be wearing an intriguing outfit, they may be eating the weirdest and smelliest foods, they may be carrying something rather unusual, or there may be something about them that you just can’t place. All you know is that it’s quite strange. Thankfully, many people have been able to capture the strangest photos ever taken on the subway so we can see what really goes on under the surface.
[post_page_title]Making use of the space[/post_page_title]
If you’re the kind of person who uses the subway a lot, you’ll know that you often learn to appreciate the little things during these journeys. It’s very rare that you make your way onto a nearly-empty carriage, and this woman knew that she had to make use of the space.

But what did she do with all of this extra room for activities? Did she pry herself away from the window because she wasn’t pushed up against it by another person? Did she untangle her legs? Well, no. She actually stretched them out. Quite literally.

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