The strangest photos ever taken on the subway

[post_page_title]Riding with the rhino[/post_page_title]
We’ve come to learn to expect some weird things on the subway, but this rhino really does win the trophy. Of course, it may be commonplace in some areas to ride the subway with a rhino by your side, but we can safely assume that most parts of the world think that’s pretty wild.

While we appreciate the fact that it’s not a real rhino, we can imagine that this outfit must have been a nightmare for the person inside it. Maybe it’s just their way of making sure other passengers don’t invade their personal space?
[post_page_title]Caught in the act[/post_page_title]
Eyes up, man! When this woman stepped onto the subway wearing nothing but some pink underwear on the bottom half of her body, this man was a little take aback.

So taken aback, in fact, that he had to stare a little to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. This woman obviously thought nothing of her outfit, and probably didn’t expect to be checked out quite so blatantly, but the person behind the camera caught this man in the act. What, have you never seen a woman in pink underwear on the subway?

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