That's not right: the 28 smallest yet biggest mistakes in sports movies

They are some of the best movies ever made. The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, The Fighter, Miracle even the Sandlot, Bad News Bears and some of the Rocky franchise. The films that keep us on the edge of our seats, rooting for the underdog, the unlikely and for the miracle to happen. Some of our favorite sports movies are based on true stories, tales that captivate us and keep us glued to the big screen. The biggest actors in the world won awards for portraying the men and women that once, or still, take the field in these flicks.

Other movies, many of which we grew up on, are a burst of imagination (Space Jam we are looking at you). Movies for kids to believe that anything can happen and, for the most part, to entertain for an afternoon, or two or a lifetime.
But even with the big budgets, the best actors and the drama, some films have taken small but noticeable liberties in order to make the movies slightly better, slightly more dramatic. Other movies may have had smaller budgets or maybe just slip ups they late hoped no one would notice. For one, how do trees not move in the wind and rain? Since when do broadcasters not wear headsets during a game? And why aren’t fans wearing team colors?
Odds are you’ve never even noticed most of these mistakes, and we hope that us pointing them out won’t make them any less enjoyable, because it shouldn’t. These are still great films and even some of our favorite movies of all time and the small discrepancies are not likely to change that for us, and should not affect your love for the movies either. But here they are, the smallest yet biggest mistakes in sports movies.
The film is based on the true story of Daniel Ruettiger, nicknamed Rudy, a walk on football player at Notre Dame. There are several smaller inconsistencies, which Notre Dame fans will likely point out to you. For one, the movie shows fans chanting Rudy’s at the end of the Georgia Tech game, in reality, they didn’t. Another inconsistency: the movie shows Rudy watching a Penn State game from the stands, when the team didn’t play Penn State during those years. But one of the bigger differences is the scene where the players leave their jerseys with the coach so Rudy could dress for the game instead of them, one of the more touching scenes of the movie. In real life though, it may have only been one player who gave up his spot.


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