The highest paid celebrities who are no longer living

There have been many celebrities that have come and gone over the years and there are certainly ones we will never forget, whose legacies will live on forever. From famous actors to musicians and everyone in between – it can be easy to feel as though some of these stars are part of the family after growing up with them as part of our lives for many years. Thankfully, it looks like even though many of these stars have gone, they won’t be forgotten thanks to the highest paid celebrities who aren’t alive anymore.
[post_page_title]Bettie Page[/post_page_title]
There have been many pin-up girls over the years, but it was Bettie Page who influenced a generation throughout the ‘50s.

Bettie Page

It looks as though even in the 21st-century people can’t get enough of the model’s signature bangs and jet black hair as Bettie’s looks have been turned into all kinds of memorabilia – including a fitness DVD. Tragically, Bettie passed away in 2008 from natural causes. Even so, she is still bringing in $7 million in 2018 thanks to the sale of her merchandise.

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