The most unusual things to have been spotted in the supermarket

Don’t want to embarrass yourself at the supermarket? Well, then we wouldn’t suggest you take any tips from the people in these pictures. They certainly know how to grab attention with their antics, although some of them are a lot more accidental than others. They never meant to make a fool of themselves when they went grocery shopping, but things just took a turn for the worse once they arrived. At least their humiliation made for some rather epic and unexpected photos.
[post_page_title]Wedding on aisle six[/post_page_title]
We’ve seen people get married in all sorts of bizarre places, but down the biscuit aisle of a supermarket has never been on that list before. Unfortunately, this loved-up couple didn’t tie the knot here, but they did do an incredible photoshoot throughout the store.

How did they get permission? Well, the pair both work there – it’s how they met. They have this supermarket on the Gold Coast of Australia to thank for their partnership, so this was their way of showing their gratitude.
[post_page_title]Standing in her way[/post_page_title]
There appears to be a strange sense of urgency with this employee. Although her face might be all smiles, her hand placement suggests something else entirely.

We’re guessing she’s on her way to use the restroom, but whoever took the photo is distracting her from her mission. The last thing anyone wants when they need to take a bathroom break is someone putting a camera in their face, though this girl seems to be doing an excellent job of not letting her annoyance show. The customer is always right, after all.

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