This couple's date night was ruined by poor service, yet they left this positive note

This couple’s date night was ruined by poor service, so they left this note

If you’ve found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, you’ve probably realized that life can often get in the way of your time together. So, you soon find yourself pining for a date night where you can let your hair down and have fun with the person that makes you happier than anyone else in the world.
It’s down to the owner and the staff in the restaurant to provide you with the service that you expect, and all you have to do is enjoy yourself and pay the bill at the end. However, that doesn’t always go as planned or expected.
While the workers try to rectify this situation and ensure that their customers are as happy as possible, there are some people who just can’t see around what’s right in front of them. How are they supposed to hand over their hard-earned money for sub-standard service? In fact, this couple’s date night was ruined by poor service, so they left this note.
[post_page_title]Ready for date night[/post_page_title]
If you’re in a relationship, you’ll know that there is nothing more exciting than getting yourself ready for date night. You pick out your best outfit, you book the finest restaurant, and you look forward to a night of romance. At least, that’s usually the plan.
Ready for date night

As soon as you step inside of a restaurant, you relinquish all control over your evening. Instead, it’s in the hands of those who work in the establishment – and these people often become overwhelmed. One particular couple had strong views on the service they received during their date night, and they decided to showcase them to the world.

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