This thief thought she could get away with stealing packages but then she heard a noise

Many of us have been raised to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Helping an old lady cross the street? An act of kindness. Giving money to charity? Something many of us consider a good deed. Stealing? Probably not the best thing to do. This woman thought she was getting away with stealing packages until she heard something that surprised her. Although it seemed like a quick and easy crime, that was all about to change with one noise.

[post_page_title]Knowing right from wrong[/post_page_title]
There are many acts in this world that we know are right and wrong. It seems as though sometimes people lose their way and opt for things that might not be considered the most morally correct.

Stealing is something that, sadly, many people resort to as they need something bigger and better than what they have at home. This woman thought she was getting away with her dastardly deed until she hears something that she would never forget.

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