The Best Super Bowls of All Time

The Super Bowl! The single greatest sporting event in the world. There is nothing else like it. Sure, every four years, sports fans are glued to the screens to watch the World Cup. And March Madness seems to garner the attention of the sports world when tourney time comes around. None of these events, however, compare to the sheer magnitude of the Super Bowl. All of America comes together with friends and family to watch the game. Men, women, children and all those in between – everyone suddenly tunes in to what has become a cultural phenomenon and unofficial national holiday.

Amid the Super Bowl parties, showered with barbecues, pizzas, chicken wings, and all that good stuff, there is also a big game to be played. And over the years, we have all witnessed some of the most incredible performances on the sports world’s grandest stage.
The pressure to win a Super Bowl is as high as it gets. Such opportunities are rare. Many of the game’s greatest players never even get a chance to play in this game. Even the ones who do get to play often don’t realize it could be their only opportunity.
With all of that in mind, let’s dive in and take a look at the greatest Super Bowls of all time.
[post_page_title]Super Bowl XXXIX (2004-05)[/post_page_title]
Final Score: New England Patriots 24 – Philadelphia Eagles 21This was a back and forth roller coaster ride for NFL fans, who got to watch a true battle of wills unfold in front of their eyes. The Eagles were led by quarterback Donovan McNabb and wide receiver Terrell Owens. The tandem showed up for the big game, with Owens securing nine catches for 122 yards in the game. But it was not enough to take down a surging Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots, who secured their back to back championships, as well as three in four years, thereby launching the start of their decade and half of unmatched domination.

Super Bowl XXXIX (2004-05)

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