The best WNBA players in real life

Anyone who loves watching basketball knows talent when they see it, and when it comes to the best female basketball players that have ever played the game, it reveals itself in flying colors. Without discounting the NBA and the obvious talent that exists there, we wanted to take a step back and appreciate all of the various ballers around the world that are selling out arenas night in and night out – such as the WNBA players.
But whether it’s a retired player who has now found work in other places, or a current WNBA player that is still playing in the All Star game, you can be sure that this list is packed with the best of the best. We have compiled the best woman basketball players of all time, and we hope you’re ready for them.
[post_page_title]Maya Moore – On the court[/post_page_title]
Maya Moore is still relatively young compared to many of the other women on this list, which makes it all the more impressive that people consider her to be one of the greatest players of all time.

Sports Illustrated recently dubbed her to be “greatest winner” in women’s basketball history. The winner of four WNBA championships, Moore is about as impressive on the court as they get.
[post_page_title]Maya Moore – In real life[/post_page_title]
Maya is one of the most famous athletes alive today, and she doesn’t take her position lightly, seeing it as an opportunity to be a positive influence on the people that look up to her.

Maya has involved herself in many worldwide projects, such as UNICEF Kid Power, a partnership charity that helps poor children in Haiti – joining the likes of baseball player David Ortiz and gymnast Aly Raisman, who were also involved in the project.

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