What some of our favorite quarterbacks are doing nowadays

[post_page_title]Daunte Culpepper – Then[/post_page_title]
Daunte Culpepper almost did not make it into college, but the University of Central Florida payed for tutors to help him get into the school and play football for them.

Daunte Culpepper – Then

Culpepper was then drafted to the Minnesota Vikings following his career in Florida, having been drafted 11th overall in the first round. He became Minnesota’s first string quarterback, playing in the position for five years. However, Culpepper ended leaving the team following a dispute with the management.
[post_page_title]Daunte Culpepper – Now[/post_page_title]
Culpepper was eventually traded to the Miami Dolphins. Following a severe knee injury the year before while on the Vikings there was speculation as to whether or not Culpepper would be able to perform.
Daunte Culpepper – Now

However, he decided to go on and play – but injured his shoulder in the process. He was eventually traded to the Oakland Raiders who passed him off to the Detroit Lions. He eventually retired after playing one season in minor league football.

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