These are the richest NBA stars

[post_page_title]Antonio McDyess – $60 million[/post_page_title]

Antonio McDyess has quite the net worth for a player who’s only played in one All Star game and averaged 12.0 PPG and 7.5 rebounds for his career. McDyess is worth an estimated $60 million, and earned over $111 million throughout his career (15 seasons in all).

antonio mcdyess
Antonio McDyess – $60 million

McDyess’ largest paycheck is from 2003-04, while he played for the New York Knicks. He’s had shoe endorsements to add to his fortune, including a deal with Air Jordan. He wrapped up his career with a single season in San Antonio, when he earned $4.8 million and averaged just 5.3 PPG and 5.4 rebounds.

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