These are the richest NBA stars

[post_page_title]Mike Bibby – $60 million[/post_page_title]

After 14 years in the NBA, playing for the Grizzlies, Kings, Hawks, Wizards, Heat and finally the Knicks, Mike Bibby is estimated to be worth around $60 million.

mike bibby
Mike Bibby – $60 million

The former no. 2 pick in the draft by the then-Vancouver Grizzlies in 1998 never became an elite player in the league, but he did earn more than $100 million during his career. Bibby wrapped up his playing career with 14.7 PPG, 5.5 assists and 3.1 rebounds. His overall best season came in 2005-06, while playing for Sacramento, averaging 21.1 pPG, 5.4 assists and 2.9 rebounds.

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