These are the richest NBA stars

[post_page_title]James Harden – $80 million[/post_page_title]
The Beard had a season to remember this past year, 2016-17, averaging 29.1 PPG with 11.2 assists. He’s still searching for his ring, but even without the championship under his belt, he’s well worth the $80 million.

James Harden – $80 million

During this magical season of his he earned $26.5 million, which is a lot when you consider the fact that he only earned $88 million from his salaries over the last eight years. So how does he already have a net worth of $80 million? He inked a 13-year deal with Adidas worth $200 million and has other deals with Beats, NBA2K and BodyArmor.

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