How Alyssa Milano 'charmed' her way into our hearts

[post_page_title]Fame in Japan[/post_page_title]
Like many other child stars of this era, Alyssa Milano became hugely famous in Japan. Her girlish appearance and her adorable voice struck a chord with fans across the pond, and her talent was soon in high demand.

As her fame grew and grew in Japan, her agent decided that it was time to branch out and explore a new avenue. So, she released her very own album of “bubblegum pop” songs that would appeal to this specific audience. Naturally, it was a huge hit and eventually went platinum.
[post_page_title]Becoming Amy[/post_page_title]
During the ‘90s, Alyssa Milano began to worry that her fans would only ever see her as Samantha Micelli – which is why she decided to take on a new role in 1992. This year, she took on the role of Amy Fisher in the popular TV movie, Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story.

This role allowed her to move away from the adorable character of Samantha, and show her fans that she could take on more rough and ready characters. This role saw her come out of her box and show another side to her.

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