The Best Super Bowls of All Time

[post_page_title]Super Bowl XXXIV (1999-2000) [/post_page_title]
Final Score: St. Louis Rams 23 – Tennessee Titans 16
It’s amazing what a great quarterback can do for a football team. When Kurt Warner took over as the starting QB for the St. Louis Rams, not many people expected him to lead the team to Super Bowl glory. But Warner had big expectations for himself, and he altered the team’s culture into one with a winning attitude. In what would come to be known as the “Greatest Show on Turf,” the Rams found themselves at the center of the football world, behind a highly prolific offensive juggernaut. The Titans had the ball as the clock was ticking down on this championship matchup. With just six seconds left, Titans receiver Kevin Dyson caught a pass and was headed toward a tie. He was tackled inside the one-yard line, as his outstretched arm reached just short of the goal line.

Super Bowl XXXIV (1999-2000)

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