The Best Super Bowls of All Time

[post_page_title]Super Bowl XLIX (2014-15) [/post_page_title]
Final Score: New England Patriots 28 – Seattle Seahawks 24
The Seahawks had just come off a Super Bowl victory the year before, and were looking to solidify themselves as a dynasty, by taking down the real dynasty of the 2000s in the Patriots. In the game itself, the teams reached a 14-14 tie by halftime. The hawks were able to take a 10-point lead in the third quarter, but a hungry Pats squad was determined to reclaim their throne had other plans. With just over two minutes left in the game, Brady helped New England score twice and take a 28-24 lead. Russell Wilson drove the team all the way to the Pats’ one-yard line. And then, one the most controversial play calls happened when Seattle Coach Pete Carroll called a pass play. Wilson’s pass was intercepted by Malcolm Butler, and the Patriots secured their fourth Super Bowl title in dramatic fashion.

Super Bowl XLIX (2014-15)

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