The Best Super Bowls of All Time

[post_page_title]Super Bowl III (1968-69) [/post_page_title]
Final Score: New York Jets 16 – Baltimore Colts 7
This game earned its place on this list for many reasons. To start off, this was the first official championship game to be named the “Super Bowl.” In the days leading up to the game, the public consensus was that the Colts would have a resounding victory. Joe Namath famously and publicly assured a Jets victory, despite the fact that his team was the underdog. At the time, most people believed that NFL teams were far superior than their AFL counterparts. Adding to that sentiment was the team’s respective performances leading up to the game itself. While the Colts had a 13-1 record, the Jets were 11-3. Despite the lack of public faith, Namath and the Jets wound up victorious, paving the way for the AFL to get the proper recognition it deserved.

Super Bowl III (1968-69)

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