The Best Super Bowls of All Time

[post_page_title]Super Bowl XLIII (2008-09)[/post_page_title]
Final Score: Pittsburgh Steelers 27 – Arizona Cardinals 23
The return of Kurt Warner to the top echelon of NFL quarterbacks, helped the Cardinals reach the Super Bowl in highly unexpected fashion. In the game itself, the Steelers were able to build a comfortable 20-7 lead heading into the fourth quarter. But Warner and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald kept believing and ultimately retook a 23-20 lead with just over two minutes remaining. Big Ben was as clutch as ever, though, leading the Steelers 78 yards down the field, capped off by a six-yard touchdown strike to receiver Santonio Holmes. Pittsburgh would go on to become the first franchise to ever capture six Lombardi Trophies.

Super Bowl XLIII (2008-09)

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