5 movies every sports lover needs to watch

The Blind Side – 2009

In a story that will make you cheer at the top of your lungs and shed a few tears at the same time, it’s fair to say that The Blind Side is a classic. Following the teenage life of the now-famous lineman Michael Oher, we see a different side to football stars as a whole. The all-star cast brings this movie to life, and while it may not all be about the football, there’s no doubt about the fact that there are some impressive moves being showcased every now and then.

5 movies every sports lover needs to watch

A League of Their Own – 1992

Many of the sports movies we know and love today focus on men, but where are the ladies at? A League of Their Own follows America during and after the Second World War. With a lack of men making their mark on the sports world, a group of all-female baseball players decides to take their shot and show the world what they’re made of. As you can probably imagine, it goes pretty well! Featuring the likes of Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, and Madonna, it’ll make you laugh and fall in love with baseball even more.

Chariots of Fire – 1981

Everyone knows the iconic slow-motion running scene in this movie, right? If you only know this small portion of Chariots of Fire, then you might as well just watch the whole thing. This movie shows the strength and the determination of two young runners who hope to make their mark at the 1924 Paris Olympics. However, as their religious beliefs and their class divide threaten to scupper their chances, are they going to be able to make it? Well, we guess you should probably watch the movie to find out for yourself.

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