Actors who quit big roles for ridiculous reasons

[post_page_title]Eminem didn’t really want to leave Detroit[/post_page_title]
Apart from two small cameos, multi-platinum selling rapper Eminem has really had only one feature film role – in 8 Mile, the movie based loosely on his actual life. However, things could’ve been much different. After making the sleeper hit District 9, director Neil Blomkamp had his eyes on a dystopian space saga called Elysium.

Eminem didn’t really want to leave Detroit

When he searched for a star, the real Slim Shady stood up in his mind. Pitched the role, Eminem turned it down for one simple reason – Blomkamp wouldn’t shoot in the rapper’s hometown of Detroit. Eventual star Matt Damon was actually the third choice, behind yet another rapper, from South Africa.

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