Actors who quit big roles for ridiculous reasons

[post_page_title]Emily Blunt ditched the MCU for a bad movie[/post_page_title]
Today, with her own solo movie just around the corner, we really can’t imagine anyone other than Scarlett Johansson playing Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What hardcore fans might not realize, however, was that ScarJo wasn’t the first choice for the role of the Russian assassin.

Emily Blunt ditched the MCU for a bad movie

Initially, Emily Blunt was cast in Iron Man 2 – Black Widow’s first appearance in the MCU. However, she had scheduling issues with another movie. That movie? Gulliver’s Travels, a Jack Black vehicle that made some money but hardly anyone remembers. Johansson, meanwhile, did seven Marvel movies and is about to open her own solo feature. Good call, Emily!

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