Famous stars whose ancestors are even more famous than they are

[post_page_title]Cindy Crawford and Ernest Hemingway[/post_page_title]
Following her daughter’s middle school family-tree project, supermodel Cindy Crawford – a self-proclaimed “American mutt” – discovered some pretty shocking branches in her family tree. Firstly, this Midwestern girl from DeKalb, Illinois found out that she’s the 8th cousin twice removed of none other than The Old Man and the Sea author Ernest Hemingway. But that wasn’t it. Apparently, the supermodel, actress, and host from “potato-eating folk” had some royal roots. Specifically, she’s the 41st great-granddaughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, who ruled over the Carolingian Empire in the 8th century! Not bad for a farm girl, eh?

Cindy Crawford and Ernest Hemingway

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