Haunting last pictures taken moments before unwelcome events happened

18-year-old Xenia Ignatyeva wanted to take a selfie that was a bit more extreme than your average one – while climbing onto a bridge that’s 30 feet high. There have been many cases of extreme selfies that resulted in death, and this time was no different.

But it wasn’t the fall that ended Xenia’s life; it was during the fall, when she tried to grab wires, when 1,500 volts went through her body. This tragic event teaches an important lesson, to be safety aware and not take unnecessary chances.
[post_page_title]The Titanic making headway[/post_page_title]
What happened to the Titanic is still one of the most famous tragedies in history. The ship, which was dubbed “unsinkable”, hit an iceberg and began sinking. And to make matters even worse, there weren’t enough lifejackets and boats in order to evacuate everyone on board.

Everyone knows the famous James Cameron film made about the catastrophic event, but we tend to forget there were real, actual people – 1500 people – who lost their lives that day.

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