Haunting last pictures taken moments before unwelcome events happened

[post_page_title]Lightning strike[/post_page_title]
This photo may have seemed cool to these brothers, Sean and Michael, as they were taking it while out camping in the Sequoia National Park in California. But what happened next was downright frightening.

Moments after this picture was taken, the two brothers were both struck by lightning. What are the odds, right? Luckily enough, they survived the strike and moved on with their lives. But this picture will serve as a constant reminder of what had happened.
[post_page_title]A daredevil takes a fall[/post_page_title]
Pavel Kashin performed amazing stunts to anyone who would watch, and had quite a few fans. He managed to astound people over and over, before one day he just ran out of luck. He attempted to do a backflip on the roof of a 16-floor-building, and although he did manage to complete the flip and land safely – his balance was lost once he landed.

Everyone who watched saw him take that tragic fall to his death, and his parents had said they hope others will learn a lesson from what happened.

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