Meet the world's strongest girl

Starting young

There are so many ways that we can exercise. Walking, running, swimming, going to the gym – there’s simply no limit to the number of ways in which we can get active and get fit. However, one trend that is popping up more and more around the world is weight training.
Weightlifting has been a huge sport since its introduction to the Olympic Games in 1986, with a female division appearing in the Games since 2000. With so many people looking to push their bodies to the limit, how will anyone ever be able to decide on a winner? It seems as though many people will do anything it takes to make it to the top, even becoming the world’s strongest person in the process.
That’s certainly been the case for one Russian girl, who has made it her life’s goal to become the strongest girl in the world. Sure, it might take hours of training a week, but will she be able to maintain her title, or has this star got her work cut out if she wants to continue fighting off the competition?
[post_page_title]Starting young[/post_page_title]
Maryana Naumova was born on April 22, 1999, in Russia. Although the most popular sport in the country is soccer, there are many others that have made their way to the limelight over the years.
Starting young

Weightlifting is just one. It wasn’t long before Maryana decided it was time to try her hand at the sport. She might have been only ten years old, but this youngster had spent years watching her father, Aleksandr, lifting weights. Maryana knew she was in love as soon as she picked up the barbell.

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