Moments people realized their choice of roommates was a big mistake

Moments people realized their choice of roommates was a big mistake

Bad roommates are possibly the worst thing known to man. They make somewhere you are meant to class as ‘home’ turn into somewhere you don’t even want to be. If you’re being made to feel uncomfortable in your own home, you know that it isn’t the place for you. Living amongst trash, moldy food, and washing up that isn’t yours can be completely maddening. You feel disrespected, hurt, and alone in these situations, but you also feel tired; why should you have to clean up after someone else? If you are in this situation, fear not. There are others out there who have experienced it too, and it’s pretty bad.
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Leaving the trash to sit and overfill is one thing, but this roommate has taken this to the next level. The person who asked their roommate to take the trash out has a fair point, as they probably didn’t want to come home to someone else’s trash.

After asking, the roommate makes a petty decision. Instead of taking the trash out like a decent person, they proceed to remove only their rubbish. Not only does that cause unnecessary hassle, but it is also extremely unhygienic.

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