How much money is your favorite sports team worth?

[post_page_title]Dallas Cowboys – $4 billion[/post_page_title]
In the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys are certainly one of the most popular franchises around. Without even discussing their accomplishments, the value of what their team brings really has a lot to do with class – and when you look at their logo of a star, it really makes sense.

Valued at $4 billion, their owner Jerry Jones has done a lot to make sure this was a supremely profitable organization, and their unique flashy branding is part of the reason the Cowboys are so popular.
[post_page_title]Chicago Bears – $2.7 billion[/post_page_title]
Ahh, what can we say about the good ol’ Chicago Bears? Perhaps we can talk about their legendary former coach, Mike Ditka. Or maybe we can talk about the nine NFL championships they won before the Super Bowl was instated, and finally, the Super Bowl they won when it was.

The McCaskey family are the owners of the Bears, a team valued at $2.7 billion with a huge chunk of operating income (what’s left of the team’s revenue after its expenses are deducted) at $104 million.

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