How much money is your favorite sports team worth?

[post_page_title]Boston Red Sox – $2.7 billion[/post_page_title]
One of the things we love most about sports are the various stadiums that the teams play in, and the energy you get when you walk in these places.

With the Boston Red Sox, one of the reasons people love going to their games is because of their iconic home field, Fenway Park – especially with their tall left field wall – or the “green monster.” With eight World Series titles, the Red Sox are one of the best baseball franchises ever.
[post_page_title]Baltimore Ravens – $2.3 billion[/post_page_title]
Have you ever wondered where sports teams get their names from? The name of a team is such a big part of their image and identity, and so it’s definitely an important thing for a team to have a good one.

This team’s name was actually inspired by “The Raven,” a poem by Edgar Allan Poe, and the name has latched on to their franchise nicely. Owned by Stephen Bisciotti, the Ravens have always been a fun team to watch, and they have an operating income of $103 million.

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