How much money is your favorite sports team worth?

[post_page_title]Miami Dolphins – $2.38 billion[/post_page_title]
If you grew up in America, then you know what it’s like when there’s a team that may not be from the city you’re from, but you just happen to hear about them a lot.

The Miami Dolphins are one of those teams, with their iconic marine green and orange colors, and an image that simply pulls fans in from all over the world. When Dan Marino was their quarterback, they may not have won a Super Bowl, but it was hard to talk about football without mentioning his name.
[post_page_title]Seattle Seahawks – $2.23 billion[/post_page_title]
Another team that has an aesthetically pleasing image to connect to is the Seahawks, with their cool blue and green color sequence and their unconventionally interesting team name.

But beyond their name, the Seahawks are known for having the loudest fans, even holding two Guinness World Records for this feat. Having loyal fans is certainly very important, and they all must have been pleased when their beloved Seahawks squad won the Super Bowl in 2014.

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