Ranking the 20 greatest players in NBA history

[post_page_title]Michael Jordan[/post_page_title]
The greatest NBA player of all time! MJ transformed the game of basketball. Not only was he an amazing scorer, but he really prided himself in being a top-notch defender as well. His most recognizable accomplishment was winning six championships (two three-peats), and he was named Finals MVP in all of those appearances. He was also named league MVP on five separate occasions, and was an all-star ten times throughout his illustrious career. Jordan still holds the records for most points per game at 30.12. One of the reasons MJ is so highly regarded is that he played his best in the biggest moments. He has the highest ever postseason average PPG at 33.5. In addition, he holds the playoff records for most 50 point games (8), most 40 point games (38), and is the only player ever to score at least 15 points in every postseason game he played. MJ is hands down the greatest of all-time.

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