Ranking of the most powerful soccer photos in history

Whether you’re a sports fan or not, you can probably recognize – or even remember – some of the greatest sporting moments in history. Photos like Muhammad Ali towering terrifyingly over Sonny Liston, Jesse Owens claiming his gold medal at the Aryan-supremacist Berlin Olympics, or even Roger Bannister running the first sub-four minute mile have all become iconic over the years. One sport that has certainly had its fair share of iconic moments is soccer. The beautiful game is hugely popular throughout Europe and South America, and has been moving more into the limelight across the globe in recent years.

Whether you follow the English Premier League, The UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Major League Soccer, or just the FIFA World Cup, you’ll probably have seen some incredible soccer moments since becoming a fan. They say that a photo speaks a thousand words and that is definitely the case when capturing some of the most powerful soccer photos in history. Catching a glimpse of the passion or pain on a soccer player’s face can be any sports photographer’s finest moment. Whether they’ve missed a game-defining penalty or got their hands on a trophy, these players aren’t shy to let their feelings known. How many of these powerful soccer moments do you remember?
[post_page_title]Beckham takes a walk[/post_page_title]
David Beckham was the poster boy for English soccer back in the ‘90s but would soon find himself the figure of hatred among his compatriots. Beckham childishly kicked out at Diego Simeone of Argentina during the 1998 World Cup, getting himself sent off and ruining England’s chances of progressing to the next round of the tournament. Beckham was blamed for the team leaving the tournament and received much abuse on his return home, people were even burning effigies of him, they were so angry.

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