Insanely exotic and expensive cars driven by star athletes

[post_page_title]Aaron Rodgers’ Mercedes SLS AMG[/post_page_title]
After Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers broke up with his actress girlfriend Olivia Munn, he didn’t stay on the market for long. His new love? Open-wheel racing legend Danica Patrick, the most successful woman in the sport’s history.

Aaron Rodgers’ Mercedes SLS AMG

When your significant other burned rubber for a living, you can’t be caught slouching. Luckily, Rodgers is something of a gearhead himself, with a car collection worth about $3 million. Seen here is his Mercedes SLS AMG, but he also has a Tesla, a Ford F-Series truck, and even a Chevy Camaro he was gifted for being named Superbowl XLV’s MVP.

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