Insanely exotic and expensive cars driven by star athletes

[post_page_title]Henrik Lundqvist’s Lamborghini Gallardo[/post_page_title]
Henrik Lundqvist is the elder statesman of the NHL’s New York Rangers. The legendary Swedish goalkeeper is still playing, despite being 38 years old, and is still known for his quickness and athleticism despite his (relatively) advancing years.

Henrik Lundqvist’s Lamborghini Gallardo

A player that dependable obviously needs a dependable ride. Luckily, Lundqvist found just that in his custom Lamborghini Gallardo. With 562 horsepower and a top speed of 202 mph, it’s even quicker than he was in his prime! You won’t be mistaking his Lambo for anyone else’s either – he replaced the automaker’s iconic logo on the back with his own last name.

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