Insanely exotic and expensive cars driven by star athletes

[post_page_title]Drew Brees’ Bugatti Veyron[/post_page_title]
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees may seem unassuming at first glance, but this father of four is harboring a bit of a wild streak. Case in point, his five-car collection worth more than $4 million.

Drew Brees’ Bugatti Veyron

The collection has one undisputed crown jewel, worthy of the 2010 Super Bowl winner and MVP – a quad-turbo Bugatti Veyron, once hailed as “perhaps the greatest supercar ever.” Just to put things into perspective, the Veyron’s oil change alone can cost more than an entire brand new Honda Civic. Also fans of the Veyron are Jay-Z and Tom Cruise, and another Tom that Brees knows well – Tom Brady.

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