This clever 10-year-old had to act quickly when she saw that her father was unconscious

When we have children, we vow to protect and look after them, as best we can. We do this for their entire childhood and teen years, and often even longer. We never really expect them to need to look after us, however; or, at least, not until we’re much older. Sometimes, though, we have no choice but to rely on our kids for whatever reason, and luckily for this man, when he had to count on his daughter unexpectedly, he discovered quite how incredible she was.

[post_page_title]What if there’s an emergency?[/post_page_title]
It’s always worrying to think about an emergency situation – what will we do? Who will help? Parents often worry profusely about their children, even when they’re all grown-up, but what about when an ordinary day turns into something so much worse?

Children can be put into situations where they have to worry about their parents and figure out a way to help, often with no instruction or idea as to what is going on. In these situations, however, we have no choice but to rely on our kids.

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