Are these the most regrettable sports tattoos ever?

For most people, choosing a design to permanently tattoo on your body is a big deal, and it takes a lot of thought and time to decide on one specific thing. Will it be something to commemorate a specific event in your life? Perhaps an ode to a person who changed your life for the better? Or maybe it’s a religious symbol or designs that you are particularly drawn to.

There are plenty of reasons to get a tattoo, big or small, and many of them are thought out and sentimental.
But it seems like these people may have missed the memo on that. These sports fans are diehard, they mean business, and they’re willing to flaunt their support in any and every way possible, even if at the end of the day their tattoo is irrelevant, gaudy and makes the rest of us ask, why? Some of these tattoos are large and in your face, showing the world, this is my team and don’t mess wit it, or me. Others are a bit smaller, more creative and hidden from the common eye, unless that person decides to share it with the world.
Either way you look at it, these tattoos are quite entertaining. From a list of Hall of Fame players to Super Bowl victories and NCAA championships that never actually happened. Some tattoos are downright frightening and probably shouldn’t be shown to little kids. And how about our favorite players’ faces on our bodies or even a selfie? This 21st century is definitely giving us a chance to be even more creative with what we ink to our bodies, and for those of us who do not, it’s a little something new to laugh about.
These are some of the most regrettable tattoos we could find (thanks internet!):
[post_page_title]The Washington Redskins Hall of Fame[/post_page_title]
This Redskins fan, Kevin McCarthy, is running out of room on his back for his tattoo. McCarthy has all the Redskins Hall of Famers since 1932 tattooed in order, with their names, numbers, positions and year they were inducted. It took two, two hour sessions to complete the tattoo. McCarthy has Redskins memorabilia throughout his house as well as a list of Super Bowl victories tattooed on his right arm, and he’s reserved some empty spots to fill in in the future.
redskins hall of fame tattoo

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